1Bite Foods conceives, develops, manufactures and supplies all products in the Convenient Snacks category

A long table with a large snack platter filled with the most delicious tapas, olives, chunks of cheese and dips.

With ‘pick and mix’ the consumer chooses from a wide range of products that best suits heir needs.

We are committed to outdoing ourselves every day with the finest and most innovative products. Our goal is to let consumers enjoy wonderful times together through the sharing of good food.

Trends and innovation.

As an innovative partner, we are committed to continue to play a decisive role in everything that happens in the world of fresh produce.

We keep a close eye on trends, analyse what will and will not succeed and advise our clients based on well-founded argumentation.

And needless to say, it does not stop with advice. We have our own test kitchen and we make use of test panels. These factors enable us to continuously develop and offer innovative products.


We believe that delicious food should also be good.

Through the use of quality systems, we are able to offer high-quality products and services and to guarantee food safety. We stand for responsible production of our ingredients, long-term relationships with suppliers, committed employees and a solid hygiene policy for our production processes.


Certifications and food safety.

1Bite Foods has the most up-to-date quality certificates:

  • IFS (Higher Level)
  • Beter Leven Keurmerk (The Dutch Better Life Quality Label)

In addition to monitoring quality and ensuring that our certificates are up to date, we are constantly addressing Food Safety and Food Defense. After all, you should be able to enjoy good products without any concerns!

All of our production sites operate in accordance with quality systems that are audited by an independent third party.

Our assortment.

We produce and supply a wide assortment of antipasti, olives and dips & spreads.

Apart from that, 1Bite Foods continues to explore new opportunities in the market and to develop and add new products to our assortment.

When developing these new products, we make a careful selection of raw materials and consider the sustainability of that ingredient and the chain when making our choice.


Antipasti or tapas are an important part of our overall Convenient Snacks range. When you think of tapas, you think of products such as cream cheese rolls with salmon or serrano, stuffed peppers and fine meat appetizers, but also meatballs, chicken skewers and cheese products.



Nowadays, the olive is a must on any snack platter. We work closely with established cooperatives in Greece, so we import the olives directly from the source. Based on customer-specific recipes, we transform them into finished products on our production site.

Dips & Spreads.

Green pesto made from fresh basil and roasted pine nuts, aioli with a strong garlic flavour, hummus in surprising flavour combinations: the variation in dips & spreads is endless! Each day, our in-house development team is looking for new flavours and surprising combinations.

Ingredients from all over the world.

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Serrano, Fuet, Chorizo

Cream cheese, Salami, Spinach, Basil



Sun dried tomatoes

Sibirica Pine nuts

Dry roasted Cashew nuts

Dry roasted Cashew nuts


Coppa di Parma, Spianata Romana

Sweet Peppers