About 1Bite Foods.

Sharing food, connecting people.

We inspire people to share and enjoy good food together. With our passion for fine products, we enable the consumer to put a snack platter on the table in no time which serves as a basis for creating warm memories.

An innovative and reliable partner for retailers.

1Bite Foods actively helps its customers to up with ideas.

We offer the entire assortment in tapas and we actively work with our customers to ensure that Convenient Snacks are always varied, inventive and really delicious.

With 1Bite Foods as a partner, retailers are able to grow faster than the rest of the market in the ‘Convenient Snacks’ category. Based on data analysis and strong category management, we advise our clients on how to get the most out of their assortment. An assortment that perfectly matches the latest food trends and the preferences of the target group.

Our mission, vision and core values.

We want to bring people together with our products and let them experience wonderful times together. Therefore, the mission of 1Bite Foods is:

Sharing food, connecting people.

Enjoying good food together creates a sense of connection. And that is precisely what we want to create. In addition, good food goes beyond flavour, innovativeness and freshness. We accept our responsibility and let this be reflected in our CSR approach.


Our work does not stop with the development and production of delicious and surprising fresh products.

We like to contribute to a sustainable living environment and a better environment for everyone. For instance, we are constantly researching and applying solutions aimed at reducing the amount of plastic in packaging.


Our other CSR goals are as follows:

  • Cutting down on and separating waste.
  • Limiting the use of energy and using environmentally friendly energy sources as much as possible.
  • Working with suppliers who are environmentally and animal friendly.
  • Using sustainable raw materials.
  • Creating an optimal workplace for all our employees. We believe it is important to feel safe and respected as colleagues and to have a congenial work atmosphere.
  • The provision of healthy food in our canteen.
  • To offer challenging internships and other opportunities for students to develop themselves fully within our company.

Our core values.

In addition to the CSR approach and our progressive quality policy, we stand for the following core values:

  • We innovate to evolve with growing consumer trends and to expand into new markets.
  • We safeguard a stable supply chain with a focus on flexibility, quality, production and service to optimally support our business.
  • Respect, tolerance, reliability, cooperation, no-nonsense and passion are the core values that enable us to continuously improve our performance.
  • We are always striving for sustainable ways of working.

The success story of 1Bite Foods.

1Bite Foods was founded in 2006 initially with the aim of developing and producing luxury appetisers for the aviation, food service and catering sectors. However, retail soon showed interest in our products. So we decided to expand and started offering part of our existing tapas assortment: meatballs, serrano ham rolls and other small appetizers.

From 2013, the Convenient Snacks section took off in the Netherlands. Especially the breadth of the product range turned out to be a huge driver behind this trend. We have, as a company and as an innovative partner, developed a great deal within the category together with our customers.


Since May 2021, we have been part of Signature Foods.